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Imperial 600 Red ISH-015 Fabric

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Imperial 600 Red ISH-015 Fabric

Imperial is the premier brand name for Coated Nylon and Coated Polyester fabrics, and is renowned for the wide variety of constructions and colors, and for consistently high quality. Imperial fabrics, ranging from 70D Nylon to 1800D Polyester, is used for a multitude of application including bags & luggage, sporting goods, ad specialists, banners and many others.

Application: Bags, Sporting Goods, Ad Specialties, Luggage, Banners, and Many Other Uses
Width: 58"
Thickness: 0.62 mm
Surface: 100% Polyester
Thread count: 35 x 33
Emboss: Taffeta

Key Features:
Heat Sealable
Silk Screenable